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Where practitioners and developers involved in Criminal Justice Information Sharing can leverage and build upon re-usable canonical metadata for driving tools and artifact development of standards-based data exchanges using community best practices such as GJXDM, NIEM, LEXS, GRA and GFIPM.

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Getting Ready for the Challenge

If you have ever had the experience of being a facilitator or participant in an analysis and design workshop for creating an information exchange, you soon recognize that you are dealing with a multi-headed monster that shares the same body. During these workshops, discussions related to process, data content and technology intermix and collide. Left [...]

InterAct911: Publishes Paper on Cloud Computing and Public Safety

InterAct, a preferred strategic business partner with PDSG and OpenCDX, has published an in-depth White Paper that examines: ”Cloud Computing and Public Safety Services” by Dr. Toufic Boubez.  Dr. Boubez pioneered the field of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) systems as the Chief Architect for Web Services at IBM’s Software Group.  While there, he drove IBM’s web [...]

About the OpenCDX™ Registry

The OpenCDX™ Registry is the foundation of this community, providing a canonical set of justice and intelligence metadata for design and implementation tools and frameworks nationwide. OpenCDX™ community developers build from the same atomic and logical artifacts, and share in the community support and governance of the re-usable metadata

NIEM in the Cloud

The primary benefit of Cloud Computing/Software as a Service (SaaS) model is to further reduce cost for everyone involved. Cloud users do not have to expend the significant up-front costs of fully purchasing their software, hardware, and maintenance. Users would instead pay nominal subscription fees to access the hosted services.